Sunday, March 4, 2012


This morning I took the PATCO train into Philadelphia with a friend to the Philadelphia Flower Show.  I started attending the show a few years ago - I've always loved flowers and now I find inspiration there.  This year's theme was H'awaii.  I cannot describe how beautiful the show was - it was lush and green - less floral, much more natural than majestic - but there's so much majesty in nature, sometimes it doesn't need the fantasy to be fantastic!

I was watching for flower and petal structure this year especially because I think that observing nature will give me a better understand of how to emulate nature's beauty in my Marie Collection Flowers.

There were a lot of orchids - obviously because it was a tropical theme and orchids originate from the tropics - but there were bulbs, clematis, roses, and many other flowers and flowering trees/shrubs.  The flower show shows so much - garden layout ideas for vegetable gardening, front porch, window boxes, hanging baskets, accessories (handbags and jewelry) made of plant materials, fancified outdoor teaparties... oh there's so much to see - it's such a delight!

These were my favorite shots of flowers I took today.  I hope you enjoyed browsing through and maybe you'll see how my flowers are inspired by nature!

Soon I'll be planning the Patch and I saw some inspirational displays for herb and vegetable gardening.  I'll share those photos soon.

Onto WoodstreamDream business...
My fingers have been stitching and crocheting and stamping like crazy!  I am just about ready for my first craft show on March 10th.  I don't think I'll get to the 40 flowers I wanted to have done, but I'll be pretty close!  I have several sun hats done, some with wide brims and some with short brims.  I've added those I've photographed to my etsy shop.  I finished six more flowers yesterday.  I have one waiting to be stitched and I have a bunch more brewing in my brain.  I added a man's birthday card to my shop this week.  I'm hoping to get a few more things created this week, but it will depend on how smoothly everything goes.  My husband will be away on business most of the week, so my focus will be on my boys.

Blog Giveaway Update:  Since I have not heard from Melody, I put the numbers back into and it gave me No. 3 as the winner.  The winner of my blog giveaway is Laurie (entrant no.3).  I will try to contact Laurie through the MJFarm site as that's where she said she found my blog contest.  Thanks to all who did enter!

Thanks for reading and have a blessed week!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all these great pics! We're planning on going to the show on Friday and, if I wasn't excited enough, now I'm totally ramped up! Last year was the first time we went (ladies day out!) and the displays were overwhelmingly amazing and inspiring!

  2. Hi Thistle Bee - I'm so glad that you enjoyed the photos! They're just a fraction of what I took. I hope that one year they do a Victory Garden theme - I would love to see more of the "actually doable" gardening. I do love the big lush displays - but I love stuff I can replicate at home and in the community garden. Have a great time on Friday!