Saturday, July 30, 2011

New to the Shop

Last night I finished this baby blanket.  It's crochet in triple strand (from three different skeins) of soft acrylic yarn in white, yellow, and pale green.  It measures approximately 40x30 inches.  The blanket is edged in pique stitch.  It will be added to my shop today.

Crochet Blanket in Soft Acrylic

I'm posting pictures of other items I've made for my family and as gifts over the past several years.  I apparently didn't take pictures of everything because I know I've made more than this, but cannot find photos.

Crochet Blanket 100% Cotton (2008)

Crochet Hat in Turquoise (2008)

Crochet Hat & Mittens (2008)

Sweater in 100% Organic Cotton (2009)

Crochet Ripple Baby Blanket in Acrylic (2009) - gift

Crochet Baby Blanket in White Acrylic (2009) - gift

Crochet Baby Girl Hat (2010) - gift

Crochet Mod Stripe Baby Blanket in Acrylic (2010) - gift

Thanks for viewing.  If there's anything you like while viewing, please let me know if you'd like to place a special order!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Coming in August...

I am borrowing an idea from one of the other MJ Farmgirls who has a Thrifty Tuesday sale.  I'll be doing WoodstreamDream Wednesdays.  On Wednesdays I'll be putting a group of items on sale.  They'll stay on sale in that section for the week.  The following Wednesday they'll go to full price and another grouping of items will go on sale for the week.  It's a simple idea an you'll be able to take advantage of starting on August 3rd!

I'm currently working on a gift for a birthday party - I'm doing a felted flower hair clip.  I'm also finishing up the scarf and adornments for my hat for this winter.  I'm working on a crib-sized baby afghan in white, yellow and pale green.  I'll also be adding more felted flowers to the shop in the next several weeks.  Many are cut out and waiting to be stitched.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Custom Felted Flower Pins

These are my latest creations for Barbara, they complete her special order of Christmas gifts for her knitting group friends.

No. 027 Ivory and Grey Felted Cashmere with Vintage Glass Button (custom order)

No.028 Crimson and Chocolate Felted Merino Wool with Vintage Brass Button (custom order)

I'll have another felted flower pin to show by the end of the weekend, the one for my mother-in-law's aunt.  These pieces are easier to work with than yarn in this 100 degree heat, so I will stitch away until it's cooler!
Have a blessed weekend!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What do you give when your aunt is turning 98?

My very dear mother-in-law and I chatted today.  Her aunt is turning 98 years old at the beginning of August.  She asked me to make a card for her in blues with flowers.  Immediately I knew what I would create...

Aunt Sally's 98th birthday card... inside reads, "The secret of happiness is to count your blessings, not your birthdays."  I thought it was appropriate considering the celebration!

Ivory card & envelope with three tones of blue, some flowers have ivory inked petals and others have watermark inked petals, all three are pearl-studded.

She's also going to look through my flower pins tomorrow when she comes to visit, but I think I'm going to make up a special flower in ivory with a vintage pale blue cloth covered button for her Aunt Sally.  I will take photographs tonight or in the morning and I'll update.  I have the image of the flower I want to create in my head.  It's petite and delicate, just like Aunt Sally.

I'm headed back to parenting & potty training for the time being... I am so glad to have my wonderful boys in my life!

Thanks for reading, have a blessed day!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2011 Christmas and Holiday Custom Orders

I'm  now accepting custom orders for Christmas/Holiday Season 2011.  Please contact me with your custom order before October 31 for guaranteed delivery by December 20. or convo me at to place your custom order.
Have a lovely day!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Creating... for myself

I'm currently working on a ripple scarf for myself.  I'd made a scarf about four years ago from the chocolate & plum superwash merino wool that I've just finished up (the chin tie hat & ripple leaf hat & ripple scarf were made with left over skeins from my scarf & hat project four years ago).  I made the scarf too long at the time.  So I pulled it out and started fresh because I love the way the ripple scarf in plum came out and wanted one for myself.  Those ripple scarves take quite a bit of time to complete!  I should be done by the end of the week, I'm working on it peace meal.

I've been focusing on family for the past couple of weeks.  It's important to find balance in life.  Too often I can let my energy to toward one particular project, ignoring other important life matters.  I have been focusing on balancing my life and being grateful for what God has blessed me with - a wonderful family, caring husband, and two lovely boys to raise.  My shop is very important to me, but nothing ranks above my love for God and family!

I look forward to showing you what I've been creating - for the shop, as gifts, for myself, and for my family.  Stay tuned for pictures of these beautiful items!

Thank you for reading & have a blessed day!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dreaming of Sugar Plums

This afternoon I finished the scarf and cloche in the set I'm calling Dreaming of Sugar Plums.  I remade the scarf several times over to make sure I had enough yarn to finish because this is the last of the plum merino superwash wool that I have in stock.

The cloche fits an adult woman and the scarf is 3 inches wide by 55 inches long, slack length.  The scarf is a ripple scarf and the hat has coordinating ripple leaves that sit at the left temple.

Dreaming of Sugar Plums
100% merino superwash wool
adult woman's cloche with three ripple leaves
ripple scarf

 These pieces will be available shortly at my etsy webshop  The pieces will be available for individual sale.

Coupon Code currently valid in my shop worth 10% off your purchase:  dreamblog10

Thanks for reading!