Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Fever!

The weather this week was wild!  It was in the upper 60s/low70s yesterday - in early March in southern New Jersey - it was a welcome surprise!  I've been sitting out back a few of these beautiful days crocheting while the boys play.  I did put down the hook for a while to weed a bed full of winter weeds.  When the weather's been as warm as its been this year, the beds are FULL of winter weeds!  My older son had a great time with me - he likes to help gardening and is able to identify a weed once shown - that and he loves to dig in the dirt!

So I've been working on a new concept - crochet flower bands.  I initially developed them as an accessory for my sun hats.  Then I thought they'd look great just tied on in one's hair - like a headband.  Today I thought they could be added as a crochet sash to spring and summer dresses for little girls (because they're not that big and I know they wouldn't reach around MY waist!).  I have one finished and several more in varying stages of completion.

I've added stacked crochet flowers to a crochet band - they're off-center, just flip it to have the flowers on the left or right of center.

Here shown on the short-brimmed white sun hat.

Here shown untied.

Here's a close-up of the flower.

I'm working on a violet and white version and a varying shades of aqua and white version.  I'm trying to use all of the yarn that I have left over from making the sun hats.  Sometimes it's just enough to make a tiny center of a flower - other times I can make several flowers and bands, too!  Regardless, I think this is a versatile and fun way to use skein ends.

They're 100% US grown cotton - simply handwash in cold water with mild detergent and lay flat to dry.

My Etsy shop is closed until Saturday night because tomorrow I'll be at Sterling High School for the Band Parents Booster Craft Show.  Once I do inventory, I'll have my shop back open.  If you'd like to visit me there it's 9am to 3pm at 501 Warwick Road, Somerdale, NJ.

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed weekend!

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