Monday, March 18, 2013

Eco-Friendly ~ Beautiful ~ Functional

You know that hurt that feels so good because you've been working on something that has been a goal.  You know - after you've had a great workout and you're sore for the next two days (like I'll feel after tomorrow morning's yogalaties class)... that kind of hurt.

Well, I'm feeling it in my hands after stitching for days on end and I am cringing as I type because the Advil hasn't really kicked in.

Tech sleeves, boutonnieres, flower pins, adorned headbands...  my hands have been busy!

I have created so many new tech sleeves - they fit my title, my motto, perfectly - 

eco-friendly ~ beautiful ~ functional

I start by felting my neutrals - sweaters and cardigans I had no idea what to do with because they were beautiful neutral colors, but wouldn't really make vibrant flowers.  So I've found a purpose - a function for them.  These neutrals are the bases for the tech sleeves.

Once felted (a.k.a. - shrunk very carefully so that I don't ruin my washer), I cut out about 8 sleeve bodies, depending on how much the garment has shrunk.

Then I get to cutting out petals.

The base color will determine what I put onto it - certain colors just don't go - orange and caramel - repel each other!  This charcoal with purple is just so beautiful!

The petals, stems, and vintage buttons (or polka dots... oh, yes, the polka dot is FUN!) get handstitched onto the base.

Then I pull out my sewing machine and stitch the whole thing around to create the sleeve and to prevent fraying on the flap edge.

Then the snaps get stitched on and last the leaf/petal (or last polka dot).

Then ta-da!  Tech sleeve is done and ready to protect the screen of your camera or smart phone before you go and toss it into your bag!

Multiply that by 20 tech sleeves - plus two flowers, a handful of adorned headbands, and two boutonnieres in about a week and you can see why my hands ache.  But it feels so good to create!  So good.

Eco-Friendly ~ Beautiful ~ Functional - what more could a girl ask for from an accessory?

I'm photographing this week and they'll be listed here by the weekend!

Thank you so much for your support and stopping by to read!
Have a blessed week!