Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stitch, stitch, stamp, clip, thread, cut, package...

I've been working this weekend on organizing the craft work room and while working on that, I've been getting some stamping done.

This is the link to purchase a sampler box from the Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op Team on Etsy.  What is in the box is a surprise.  Each shop listed has put in a sample item (or items) from her shop.  The items are great gifts for yourself - or to share with a friend, host, or as stocking stuffers as Christmas approaches!

The summer boxes are almost gone - only 10 remain!
Fall boxes come out in September and there will be something in there from WoodstreamDream and WoodstreamPapery.  That's one of the many projects I've been working on this weekend ... between watching the Olympics.  Fortunately I can crochet and watch... and even use the corner rounder while I'm watching - without making mistakes!

I've gotten many samples made and finished a cowl and tam in marble grey tweed.  Onto more projects...  and enjoying the Olympics!

I hope you've had a lovely weekend!  Have a blessed week and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What's new and linky party

flower no.081 upcycled pink cashmere and vintage button

Yesterday I finished a cowl, headband/earwarmer, and neckwarmer (think close-fitting cowl) in orchid tweed.  They're so fun!  Bright and cheery and ready to be added to your wardrobe soon!

This morning I'm nearly finished a cowl in marble tweed - think looming grey cloudy skies - at least that's what I think when I work with it.  I can almost imagine wearing it on a cool day in November to get the kids to the playground one last time before it is just too cold to enjoy being outside unless you're under the age of 18 (or whatever age that was when I figured out that being outside in the cold just was not for me).

I'm going to move on to the bamboo blend and merino wool blend yarns later this week.  I have all of these designs swimming in my head, I can't wait to let my hands make them come to life!

This week I'm participating in a linky party with Life's Jewels on String - I hope you'll stop by and check out the other Etsy shops - great finds - and stop by my shops, too!  Coupon Code OPEN20 is good for 20% off everything except gift certificates - valid in both shops through July 31... links to my shops are to the right ------->

The Fall/Winter Collection will be live the last week of August... stay tuned for more details!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a blessed week!

Monday, July 23, 2012

On the shops...

This week WoodstreamPapery is featured in this treasury from the Sunshine Farm Girls Co-op Team on Etsy.  The Farm Girls have a blog where shops are featured periodically.  Stop on by the treasury to see what goodies these fantastic shops have for you ... I've already started my Christmas shopping with the team!

I've been working on a lot of new designs for the fall/winter collection for WoodstreamDream.  Recently I discovered that some of my favorite yarns are being discontinued, so I bought everything I could get my hands on and I am working hard to get them made into pieces of beauty.  I am so curious to find out what will come out to replace these beautiful bamboo blends and merino wool blends that crochet so nicely and wash and wear beautifully.

I have a bunch of ideas for WoodstreamPapery's Holiday line ... I'm still working on organizing the craft room so that I can work in there without having to move everything around the house - much less efficient.

I'm also developing ideas for displays for fall craft shows. I've cut back this year because of the amount of energy it takes to do a craft show solo. I will hopefully be at two events this fall and I will be scouting two or three others. I have several ideas and I'm starting to work on those for the display ideas.
On the 12th I had a photo shoot for part of my fall/winter collection. The photos came back the other day and I've been going through them - they're such beautiful photographs! Stunning work by Jennifer Schwehm!

green bamboo blend cap (currently available) and cowl (preview from the Fall/Winter Collection)

Well, I need to get back to playing with the boys and later I'll create some more.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed week!

Friday, July 20, 2012

A breather from the heat!

This week has been one back on my feet.

Temporary single mama while my husband was away in Japan for work.  My older son was with my parents for VBS at their church.  It was just the little one and me.

We had a great time hanging out and doing things just the two of us.  Mostly playing, reading, working at the patch, and cooking.  It was too hot to be outside at the beginning of the week - except early in the morning when we'd go to the community garden to water, weed, and plant some more seeds (how did we miss planting sunflowers???).

The little one is quite the independent child - keeps himself busy most days until he wants to read with me.  I took the time to catch up on housework that's been ignored for many months and to prep veggies for today's cooking - it's been in the low 70s and high 60s all day - perfect weather for baking and cooking!

This morning we made a batch of blueberry zucchini mini loaves with zucchini from the patch.  I still have shredded zucchini in the fridge, trying to figure out what I'll do with it tonight or tomorrow.

Then we ran to a local farmer's market where corn is buy a dozen, get a dozen free - it's not organic, but it's local.  I husked it while my mother-in-law and older son (who came home today) picked silk.  Then I cut it off of the cob and bagged it in one cup portions before putting it in the freezer for this winter... This is my favorite corn chowder recipe - but I use two tablespoons of olive oil in place of the bacon and stir in low fat sour cream to each serving instead of using the heavy cream in the whole batch.  That way we can eat it over many days without it separating when we reheat, also saves on the calories!

I have a container of sliced red onions from the patch.  I'm perusing for recipes for what I should do with them.  I really want to make a caramelized onion jam of sorts (not too sweet) so that I can use it off the pantry shelf for my caramelized onion and goat cheese tart with thyme that I love to make - but rarely do because of the planning for time to make the caramelized onions!

Last night's dinner and today's lunch was tortellini soup with white beans and the base is tomato goodness from the 2011 crop.  You can see how to make tomato goodness here. To make the soup I defrosted a quart of tomato goodness, then added a can of small white beans that were drained and rinsed.  I snipped in some fresh parsley and basil and seasoned with salt and pepper.  The tortellini was cooked separately and then added to the soup.  I finished it with a grating of pecorino romano.  It's delicious with fresh bread to dip into the broth.  The second day the broth is thicker because of the pasta and beans absorbing the moisture.  You can add chicken or vegetable stock to thin it, if you prefer.  I actually prefer the soup better on day two.  If you want more depth of flavor, you can start by sauteeing pancetta and finely chopped onions and then adding the tomato goodness.  In lieu of tomato goodness, you can use a 28 ounce can of crushed tomatoes with basil and adding half to one cup of chicken stock.  It will give you a similar consistency and flavor to the tomato goodness.  This is such a quick dinner - it's ready as soon as the tortellini is finished cooking - so however long it takes to boil water plus eight minutes... It really couldn't be easier!

The husband's plane has landed and he's on his way home.  I'm so glad!

Updates about WoodstreamDream and WoodstreamPapery will be coming soon... in the meantime check out the shops - I've added new items in the past couple of weeks!

Thanks for stopping by to read!  Have a blessed weekend!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Friday was our tenth wedding anniversary.  We had a great time, just like we've had for the past 12 years and 8 months {and now 2 days} since we met on that blind date.  I'm so blessed to have this wonderful, caring, and giving man to be my husband and the father of my sons.  So blessed.

Brides today - remember it's not about that magical day.  You're planning for something even better.  Focus on the rest of your days together.  As my wedding album says:

What matters most, is what you do from this moment on...

So true.  I couldn't be happier than I am today - not even on that magical day could I imagine how happy I'd be ten years later.  Incredibly blessed, incredibly grateful for those blessings.

Thanks for stopping in!  Have a blessed week!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My room overfloweth...

I debated before posting this if I would actually share photos or if I would let your imagination run away with my description of the disaster that is my craft room.  I decided to post.  It's always nice to have a before picture to compare with the after version of a project.

I'm working on organizing my craft room.  The craft room is the fourth bedroom in our home.  It was the catchall before I started my business.  I don't think it ever changed, I just added a better name - my craft room - for my business.

Over the weekend when I started on an advertising project and I couldn't find two of the tools I needed, I was quite upset.  I started to put things away and then I started to remember where those tools were - one wasn't even in the room!  I had to finish the project as the items were needed today for the event this weekend, so the room got put on hold - again.

It's now a priority because I need to get all of my stock organized - both raw materials and completed creations - so that I know what I should be focusing on creating.  Use what's on hand first.  When it's gone, purchase more supplies.  There is no reason to hold onto stock.

The room still has all of the clothes that don't fit into our microscopic closet, my elliptical, and other stuff that's in the closet that I probably don't remember is there!  That's all in addition to a baker's rack and shelving unit filled overflowing with stationary and gift packaging supplies; rubbermaid boxes (and some bags) holding skeins of yarn, felted cashmere and wool and merino wool, and finished creations; piles of shipping materials and paperwork; bolts of fabric for household projects and Halloween costumes; an antique table (not that it's recognizable under the piles of stuff...), a chair, and a bench that has storage in the seat (not that I could get to that).

 Lots of stuff.  That would be an easier description, huh?

Shall we say that there is not very much room for crafting in my craft room?  I usually move out to other flat surfaces to do stamping.  I usually stitch in the living room.  I usually crochet wherever I feel like it - the living room, car, at the pool when the little one's having lessons...  I always have a crochet project in a bag to take when I go out.

The three months my shops were closed really hurt business, so I'm working hard to rebuild as I recover.  Between filling orders, designing and creating new inventory, and being a full-time mom, I will be working on this room.  I know that the clothes and elliptical will not be moving - there are no other homes for these items right now, but I have to have a better way of organizing and storing everything that goes into the business - or there won't be one!

It's my season to declutter my business life.

I appreciate you stopping by to read.  I hope you have a blessed week!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Reopening & Restocking & Restoring

As you can see to the right of this post, WoodstreamPapery is open!  I plan to reopen WoodstreamDream in the next week.

I spent part of today adding stock to WoodstreamPapery, but there's still so much to add, many more hours of work... I could use minions just about now!

On the last two days of June we celebrated my husband's birthday and my younger son's birthday. Now we're into July and the weather is [still] blistering.

Doesn't he look so excited?  The photo in the background I bought from another Etsy shop.
He's a lover of all things train related, so I thought some art for his bedroom that would
last a long time would be a big hit and it was!

I'm getting new items made for the fall, dreaming of sweater weather as I stitch ... Today I crochet for the first time in weeks, my arm is not in agony and I'm so glad!  I have items from the past several months that need photographing so they can be listed.

I'm still in healing mode.  There are still several tests that I'll have this summer and a whole lot of doctor visits, but I pray that there is no more slicing and dicing, as I have been regarding my springtime experiences this year.

I'm so very grateful for all of the prayers, help, and support over the past few months.  It will be a while before I can do things that I want to do and wouldn't have thought twice about if I hadn't had four surgeries. There is furniture to be rearranged, boxes to be packed and hauled to Goodwill or stashed in the attic, and lots of watering at the patch.  That last one sounds easy, but that hose is a beast - very heavy and long - and I cannot haul it to our patch by myself just yet.  I rely on my husband to join me so that I can take up some of the slack that my dear friend has been towing since mid-April.  I look forward to being able to just do the things I want to without thinking about if I should.

It will come.  I have faith that little by little I will stop feeling the aches and pains and soreness that's plagued me during these periods of recovery.  Every few days there will be change for the better.  I will be restored to full health.  These are just temporay.

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!  Have a blessed week!