Monday, July 23, 2012

On the shops...

This week WoodstreamPapery is featured in this treasury from the Sunshine Farm Girls Co-op Team on Etsy.  The Farm Girls have a blog where shops are featured periodically.  Stop on by the treasury to see what goodies these fantastic shops have for you ... I've already started my Christmas shopping with the team!

I've been working on a lot of new designs for the fall/winter collection for WoodstreamDream.  Recently I discovered that some of my favorite yarns are being discontinued, so I bought everything I could get my hands on and I am working hard to get them made into pieces of beauty.  I am so curious to find out what will come out to replace these beautiful bamboo blends and merino wool blends that crochet so nicely and wash and wear beautifully.

I have a bunch of ideas for WoodstreamPapery's Holiday line ... I'm still working on organizing the craft room so that I can work in there without having to move everything around the house - much less efficient.

I'm also developing ideas for displays for fall craft shows. I've cut back this year because of the amount of energy it takes to do a craft show solo. I will hopefully be at two events this fall and I will be scouting two or three others. I have several ideas and I'm starting to work on those for the display ideas.
On the 12th I had a photo shoot for part of my fall/winter collection. The photos came back the other day and I've been going through them - they're such beautiful photographs! Stunning work by Jennifer Schwehm!

green bamboo blend cap (currently available) and cowl (preview from the Fall/Winter Collection)

Well, I need to get back to playing with the boys and later I'll create some more.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed week!

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