Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My room overfloweth...

I debated before posting this if I would actually share photos or if I would let your imagination run away with my description of the disaster that is my craft room.  I decided to post.  It's always nice to have a before picture to compare with the after version of a project.

I'm working on organizing my craft room.  The craft room is the fourth bedroom in our home.  It was the catchall before I started my business.  I don't think it ever changed, I just added a better name - my craft room - for my business.

Over the weekend when I started on an advertising project and I couldn't find two of the tools I needed, I was quite upset.  I started to put things away and then I started to remember where those tools were - one wasn't even in the room!  I had to finish the project as the items were needed today for the event this weekend, so the room got put on hold - again.

It's now a priority because I need to get all of my stock organized - both raw materials and completed creations - so that I know what I should be focusing on creating.  Use what's on hand first.  When it's gone, purchase more supplies.  There is no reason to hold onto stock.

The room still has all of the clothes that don't fit into our microscopic closet, my elliptical, and other stuff that's in the closet that I probably don't remember is there!  That's all in addition to a baker's rack and shelving unit filled overflowing with stationary and gift packaging supplies; rubbermaid boxes (and some bags) holding skeins of yarn, felted cashmere and wool and merino wool, and finished creations; piles of shipping materials and paperwork; bolts of fabric for household projects and Halloween costumes; an antique table (not that it's recognizable under the piles of stuff...), a chair, and a bench that has storage in the seat (not that I could get to that).

 Lots of stuff.  That would be an easier description, huh?

Shall we say that there is not very much room for crafting in my craft room?  I usually move out to other flat surfaces to do stamping.  I usually stitch in the living room.  I usually crochet wherever I feel like it - the living room, car, at the pool when the little one's having lessons...  I always have a crochet project in a bag to take when I go out.

The three months my shops were closed really hurt business, so I'm working hard to rebuild as I recover.  Between filling orders, designing and creating new inventory, and being a full-time mom, I will be working on this room.  I know that the clothes and elliptical will not be moving - there are no other homes for these items right now, but I have to have a better way of organizing and storing everything that goes into the business - or there won't be one!

It's my season to declutter my business life.

I appreciate you stopping by to read.  I hope you have a blessed week!

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