Sunday, December 4, 2011


Yesterday was a very successful day at the Eastern High School Holiday Craft Fair.  I am so very grateful to those who came out to support all of the crafters who were in attendance!  I sold many, many handstitched flower pins, some handstamped items and a couple of crochet items.  I also have three custom orders to fill in the next couple of weeks - a custom crochet scarf, a custom crochet headband, and two custom Christmas cards.  I'll post photos of each once they're created.

I've made a change to the Marie Collection listings on Etsy.  I've been listening to my customers at craft shows and they want the flowers to be pins - I've had no requests for hair clips.  Each flower is now a flower pin.  If a customer requests a hair clip, I will gladly switch the item for free.

Thank you again for your support!  I love making these pieces and am glad to bring joy into someone's life with these pieces of beauty!  I feel that God has blessed me with this ability and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people through this gift!


Today is the second Sunday of Advent, we're three weeks from the day we celebrate Christ's birth.  Each year I recall the story of this miracle - in my thoughts, in scripture, and in worship with other believers.  This year I've been making a point of reading these short scripture passages to my family daily as part of our devotions in Advent.  These have been in the bulletin that is printed weekly by our church, First United Methodist Church of Collingswood.

These are short readings.  I find that the words draw me in and help me to focus on the Lord and listen more intently to His message for me.  They're also very useful in opening up the Bible for discussion with our young boys.  Our older son will ask questions, wanting to understand what is meant in a passage.  I'm so glad to have the opportunity to discuss the Bible with my children.

First Week of Advent
Sunday  Romans 13:11-14
Monday  I Corinthians 1:3-9
Tuesday  Mark 13:33-37
Wednesday  John 1:1-5
Thursday  John 1:6-9
Friday  Jeremiah 33:14-16
Saturday  Isaiah 60:19-22

Second Week of Advent
Sunday  Romans 15:4-13
Monday  Psalms 43:3-6
Tuesday  Psalms 27:1-4
Wednesday  Psalms 119:105-106
Thursday  John 12:35-36
Friday  Ephesians 5:6-14
Saturday  I Peter 2:5-9

Next Sunday I'll post the third week's readings.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed week!

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