Thursday, December 22, 2011

It is Good for the Soul

My work in fiber and paper arts is good for my soul.  It gives me quiet time to be creative, to pray with each stitch, to ponder how the receipent will feel His love through my handiwork.  I'm much more at peace with the goingson on this earth when I have this time to feed my soul through this time with Him.

Yesterday I read this by Anne Marie of Nada Farm Life...  I reread it today.  It was something I desperately needed.  Peace, tranquility, a reminder to refocus on Him.  I stumbled upon her blog months ago and find it a source of joy and reflection and Christian faith.

Over the past several days I've been doing rather than being.  Do you know what I mean?  Cleaning, preparing, wrapping, packaging, cataloging the to-do list...  Some is joyful work, like packaging gifts for teachers - today's was mighty beautiful, but I forgot to photograph it...  Perhaps I'll remember to photograph those for my uncle and my husband's aunt before they're given!  Others I find to be drudgery, I have a hard time finding joy in housework.  I am grateful to have a home to have to keep up - perhaps that should be my focus...

I've been consumed with the Martha and have pushed aside Mary.

So, over the next few days before Christmas, I'm going to take my time.

Sit and have time with my Bible, my stitchwork, my family, my crochet, my Lord.

Peace on earth begins with Peace within.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!

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