Friday, November 4, 2011

Contagious ... with Thankfulness

Cliche for this time of year to be speaking, a-hem writing about thankfulness, but it's so incredibly important.

I've experienced a turbulent couple of weeks of highs and lows and unplanned adventures... looking at the sunny side of things after the fact.  In those moments, I did not see these highs and lows so sunnily (I love making up words, don't you?).  I did not see them as blessing.  I was not thankful.  Only later did I see the learning opportunity and was thankful to experience those things.

Every night we say prayers with the children, always in thanksgiving for the little things in life - health, safety, a home, my husband's job, safe travels, family and friends, food a plenty...

This week I've been saying extra thankful prayers for...
~safe travels for my husband - coming home tonight from a week away on business
~electricity - we lost for several hours Tuesday... nothing compared to other areas of the country, but still unnerving in the cold, alone with the children at night
~running water - we had none for the day on Sunday, on the short term much easier to live without than electricity
~friends - who offer graciously and generously
~inspiration - God has blessed me greatly
~restful sleep - for restoration of the body is necessary to thrive
~high speed internet - so I can talk/Skype with my brother & his family, they live overseas and we haven't seen them in 1.5 years

Thankfulness is contagious.  If we live in a state of thankfulness, others will begin to see how little there really is to bemoan in their own lives.  At least that is what I tell myself when I find myself feeling grumbly.  I turn it around and find something to be thankful for - it helps with the mood and in handling those unexpected adventures.

Thank you for being generous with your time and reading this blog!  Take a moment, if you would, and share what you're thankful for today...

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