Saturday, October 1, 2011


I love October!  It probably has something to do with it being the month that I was born, so I automatically associate it with good stuff - like homemade cakes for every birthday that I can remember and gifts and celebrations.  The weather turns crisp, but not too cold just yet!  The colors of nature explode each day with a new layer of beauty.  There is so much to love about October!

Chocolate Malt Cake - October 2010
It was even better than it looks!
It took two days to make, but the effort was so worth it!!!

There are several of us with birthdays in October in my family... my brother's is the 8th (3 years and 51 weeks younger than me).  My mom's is the 11th, her mother's was the 12th.  My birthday is the 15th.  My father-in-law's is the 20th.  My mother-in-law's is the 26th as was my paternal grandfather's.  It was just a month of parties and fun.  Now we've all grown and had children of our own and family members have passed.  There's just a small group of us with birthdays who live close enough to celebrate together.  So many people shrug off birthdays as a reminder of getting older.  I embrace them - I look forward to aging because I feel like I gain more wisdom and appreciation and enjoyment as each year passes.  The time we're gifted with by God on this earth is to be celebrated.  As each year passes, I try not to focus on the number of candles [there would be if I let my husband put that many into the cake], but the number of lives I've touched and those who have influenced me over the past year.

October is the anniversary of starting WoodstreamDream.  I took a leap on October 5, 2010.  I feel that I have been given this creative gift from God.  I hope that I will eventually form a niche market for the handmade items that I create.  I am given great joy as I create these items for people unknown as well as for friends and family.

My newest item listed is a hat that I crochet with the intent of my 6.5 year old son wearing it this winter.  He wanted a green hat.  I thought I'd stretch the yarn that I had on hand by adding the orange stripes.  Well, he's a purist and was unhappy with the orange additions.  So I will buy more green yarn and this one is up for sale.  I had a great time taking his picture for the listing yesterday afternoon.  These are some of the photos that didn't make the cut.  I love his dimples, but he kept making goofy faces and sending fish kisses into the air.  We spent a lot of the time just laughing.  I ended up with a dozen new mosquito bites and some great memories!  The memories will definitely outlast these itchy welts!

Crochet Hat in Green with Orange Stripes in Bamboo Blend Yarn - Super Soft!  Sized 5-8 year old

Thanks for reading and have a blessed weekend!

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  1. Your son is such a cutie! Too bad he doesn't like the hat. It matches his jacket perfectly!

    I'm an October baby, too. Since I'm the only baker in the house I usually make my own cake and would LOVE to try this chocolate malt cake. Could you share the recipe??? Please??? :D