Monday, September 19, 2011

SUPER Success

How do you judge success?  It changes day to day for me.  I set goals either the night before on in the morning over breakfast as to what I'd like to accomplish.

I have many different goals, not all are attained each day - or week for that matter.
personal goals ~ catching up with friends, fitting in a bit of yoga, studying/reading my Bible daily, setting time aside for prayer
parenting goals ~ reading to & playing with the children, keeping my cool when they're having tantrums or choosing to be difficult, remembering that those times are fleeting and to enjoy them where they are because they grow so quickly!
household goals ~ laundry, housekeeping, cooking meals, maintaining some sense of order
professional goals ~ creating, photographing, listing new items, marketing, craft shows, contacting customers
marital goals ~ having some kind of positive conversation with my husband daily - no matter how busy we are, setting time aside periodically for date night, doing little things for him that may make his day easier, telling him, "I love you," each day.
There are miscellaneous goals that I have, too.  Stuff gets thrown in there occassionally that isn't always easy to categorize.

I view success as accomplishing a small set of items well and not overloading myself on any given day.  I used to be SUPER-ME, or at least I got away with trying to be for several years.  Now I am just me.  I have learned that it is not how much I can cram into a day, but how much I enjoy the few things I have done in each day.  How accomplished I feel when I complete a task that I don't particularly care for - cleaning toilets with three males in the house - not my favorite!  But it's that sense of satisfaction that I've completed a task, no matter how desirable, that I call success.  I may not tick off all of my goals on my mental list for the day, but those that I have completed, I've done well.  Doing something well gives me a sense of successfulness.  Feeling successful gives self-worth, and that's invaluable.  I try not to focus on those things left undone - that list will always be there.  Everyday there is something to wake up and take care of, but those completed things and how I've worked through - that is something to feel good about!  God has blessed us all with different abilities.  I'm glad that I have Him to rely on instead of trying to be SUPER-ME - He's all the SUPER I need!

Saturday was a successful event at the Blue Barn.  I sold many felted flowers, some of those I'd only made the night before, so they never made it to my Etsy shop.

Marie Collection No. 033 Felted Cashmere and Merino Wool with Vintage Button (sold)

Marie Collection No. 034 Felted Cashmere and Merino Wool with Vintage Button (sold)

I have three more felted flowers, two are pins, to share with you.  They will be listed on my etsy shop this week.  I also finished the banded cloche that coordinates with the cowl in peacock blue.  I cannot wait to show that to you - I think it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever created!  The Lord blessed us with a beautifully sunny day, so I will be taking photographs this afternoon.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!

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