Friday, September 9, 2011


I'm so glad that my husband is home!  He was away this week on the west coast for business and I missed him greatly, as did our boys.

Tomorrow we will start to put our home back together - two weeks after hurricane Irene passed through.  On Wednesday the township cleared the tree off our fence & out of the yard.  Jason will repair the fence and we'll move the swingset back into place for the children to play on once again.  I will work on the tasks that I've ignored through the week as a temporary single-mother - vacuuming and swiffering.  What did we call it before that contraption came along?  sweeping -  but I loathe the dust pan!  I love my reusable swiffer broom/mop with microfiber pads - it's green (always good) and does such a nice job on the floors with very little effort (my kind of cleaning).

I am also going to be working on photographing a table set up for a juried craft fair that I'm trying to enter.  They would like to see how my table set up would look as well as photographs of my work.  I will get that done in the morning so that I can hopefully get it into tomorrow's mail.

This week I've been crocheting up a storm!!!  I used the mustard organic cotton yarn to make a hat, cowl, and mittens!  Each piece took more yarn than the last!  Each piece is currently available in my shop.

Besides the house work and work to enter the juried craft fair, I will be working on finishing a project for my mother this weekend.  Once that's done, I'll be working on stitching a few more felted flower pins.  In searching for the vintage buttons for the cowl, I found more vintage buttons with shank backs in my grandmother's sewing kit.  I am delighted by what I found and have new inspiration for creations!

I thank you for reading my blog and hope you have a blessed weekend!

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