Thursday, January 26, 2012


So you know the feeling of waiting for something that feels like it's never going to happen?  Like waiting for water to boil, or in the line at the DMV, or to have a chance at a popular exhibit in the children's museum, or for 100 people to "Like" your Facebook fanpage?

Well, maybe not the last one - but that's been me for the past couple of months.  I had dribs and drabs of Likes - excited about each one!  Then surges here and there - very excited!  I reached 95 likes sometime in the fall or early winter and thought, okay - I'd better start making the stuff for my giveaway contest.  Then, no more likes.  Stagnant.  For weeks.  Until today.  I woke up and logged on and there it was - 100 Likes - Wow!!!

Last night I stumbled upon (not on the site of the same name) a Facebook Small Business Boost link that gives $50 in free Facebook Ads to US based small businesses who have a FB Fanpage with 50 or more Fans.  Well, I had that!  So I signed up and shared it on my personal FB page.  I'm hoping that some of my friends & acquaintances on FB who also have small businesses will take advantage.  I had my coupon this morning and developed my ad.  I shared with another group on FB so they could take advantage and another team on Etsy.  I need to get to 196 likes by April 1, 2012, to get another coupon worth $100 in free Facebook Ads.  I'm hoping that since I only need another 90 (or less now), I will be able to get to that milestone!  Here's the link for my Facebook Fanpage - if you haven't "Liked" me and would like to help me get to my goal of 200 Fans before April 1st, please follow the link and click "Like" - thank you!

If you remember - I promised a contest to be run for when I reach 100 Likes on my Facebook Fanpage.  I will be posting the contest here on February 1st.  It will run through February 7th.  On February 8th, I will have choose the winner.  I hope that everyone will enter to win the goodies that I've been preparing!

I did promise photos of my raw silk sun hat that I crochet for myself a couple of weeks ago.  It was dreary before we left on vacation last week - so I wasn't able to take photos until yesterday...

While that one is for me, I've purchased US grown cotton yarn for recreations that will be added to my shop in time for spring (Marchish).  The colors I have are:  white, ecru, maize, turquoise, and chocolate.  Each sun hat will be unique as I create as I go.  I know how to read patterns, but I really prefer to design and create off the cuff!

Today I added two new flowers to my shop - red, perfect for your valentine and purple & plum with loden leaves - to see click here.
Have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by to read!

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  1. Congrats on all of the "Like"s! What's your secret? I haven't really focused on promoting my FB page. The give-away is a great idea but I'd have to do one for 50 likes as I've been stagnant at 42.

  2. When I started my FB Fanpage, I invited all of my personal friends - as I add personal friends, I invite them as well. Then I have the "Like" button on my Etsy page. I post pics on my FB page when I create custom orders, link back to my blog occassionally, link to my Etsy shop for new listings, let Fans know about new products that will be coming out. I have etsy views from FB that are pretty steady, not a lot, but steady. I also post on FB when I'm going to be at craft fairs, dates/times/location. HTH!

  3. It seems like once you hit 100 things will pick up, but it is unnerving while you wait for the next 100. I finally just said do my best and they will follow!

    The sunhat is darling! I'm still working on one for my daughter.

  4. I agree Marsha, I just keep creating and pray that someone will find it beautiful enough to purchase - as a gift or to keep for herself!

    Thanks so much! I'm loving wearing it around the house, dreaming of when spring will finally make an appearance!