Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photo Catalogue of WoodstreamDream Sold Items 2011

I was participating in a discussion on Etsy about how to show off what sells at craft shows or privately to individual buyers off-line.  Thorough the year I've been posting custom items, but I haven't created a catalogue of items that have sold off-line, been donated, or given as gifts. 
This catalogue includes my OOAK items & original designs - crochet and Marie Collection flowers.  I have not included handstamped items as those (for the most part) can be replicated. 
To see items sold on Etsy go here.

Crochet Items Sold in 2011

Chocolate Superwash Merino Wool Cap
(front cap on the table)
unfortunately I never photographed it individually and sold it at my first event in April 2011
Peacock Blue Merino Wool Blend Banded Cloche and Cowl with Vintage Carved Shell Buttons

Charcoal Merino Wool Blend Cap and Scarf

Canary Yellow Cotton Newborn Flower Hat

Charcoal Merino Wool Blend Banded Cloche with Vintage Button

Mustard Organic Cotton Cowl with Vintage Button Closure

Orchid Tweed Neckwarmer with Flower and Loop Closure

Orchid Tweed Cap and Scarf

Plum Superwash Merino Wool Cloche with Ripple Leaf Detail

Wild Berries Tweed Chin-Tie Hat with Stacked Flower and Pique Edge (custom order)

Sunset Orange Bamboo Blend Adjustable Chin-Strap Hat with Vintage Button (custom order)

Winter White Silk-Bamboo Blend and Ice Blue Bamboo Tie-On Scarf (custom order)

Black Bamboo Blend Ear Warmer with Pique Edge (custom order)

The Marie Collection Felted Flowers Sold 2011

 No. 003 Crimson Merino Wool

No.  004 Crimson and Chocolate Merino Wool

No. 013 Crimson Merino Wool and Cashmere

No. 017 Crimson Merino Wool

No. 023 Oatmeal and Chocolate Merino Wool

No. 024 Crimson and Ivory Cashmere

No. 032 Black Cashmere

No. 033 Crimson Merino Wool and Cashmere

No. 034 Chocolate Merino Wool and Green Cashmere

No. 037 Pink Cashmere

No. 039 Ivory and Green Cashmere

No. 040 Crimson Merino Wool and Cashmere

No. 041 Black and Crimson Cashmere

No. 043 Crimson Merino Wool and Grey Cashmere

No. 019 Ivory Cashmere (custom order)

No. 021 Pink Cashmere (custom order)

No. 020 Ivory Cashmere (custom order)

No. 027 Grey and Ivory Cashmere (custom order)

No. 028 Brown and Crimson Merino Wool (custom order)

No. 018 Ivory Cashmere and Brown Merino Wool (custom order)

No. 029 Ivory Cashmere (custom order)

Next I'll catalogue the items I've created as gifts, items that have been donated, and items I've made and kept for myself!

As always, most of my items are OOAK (one of a kind), but I can recreate some items.  If you're interested in items that you see here or on Etsy that have already sold, please email me and I'll let you know if I can recreate the item, the cost, and timeline.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed week!

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