Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What do you give when your aunt is turning 98?

My very dear mother-in-law and I chatted today.  Her aunt is turning 98 years old at the beginning of August.  She asked me to make a card for her in blues with flowers.  Immediately I knew what I would create...

Aunt Sally's 98th birthday card... inside reads, "The secret of happiness is to count your blessings, not your birthdays."  I thought it was appropriate considering the celebration!

Ivory card & envelope with three tones of blue, some flowers have ivory inked petals and others have watermark inked petals, all three are pearl-studded.

She's also going to look through my flower pins tomorrow when she comes to visit, but I think I'm going to make up a special flower in ivory with a vintage pale blue cloth covered button for her Aunt Sally.  I will take photographs tonight or in the morning and I'll update.  I have the image of the flower I want to create in my head.  It's petite and delicate, just like Aunt Sally.

I'm headed back to parenting & potty training for the time being... I am so glad to have my wonderful boys in my life!

Thanks for reading, have a blessed day!

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