Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I'm savoring life right now.  I sneak away and work on a crochet sunhat for myself every now and again.  I'm also dreaming up what I'm making for my son's second grade teacher... last day of second grade is quickly approaching, maybe I should just do instead of pondering, but dreams really do make the best creations.

I am working on several ideas that I'll be working on over the summer in preparation for the autumn markets and exhibits.  I look forward to sharing them with you as I create them.

I am dreaming of the art I want to hang in my bathroom once it's finished.  I've settled on a canvas wrapped photograph that I took on an early morning in Virginia Beach last year or Panama City Beach, both taken in November 2012 after our exodus from Sandy.  These are the photos I'm considering...

Panama City Beach I

Panama City Beach II

Panama City Beach III

Virginia Beach

In my searches for just the right thing, I have decided that sometimes the right thing is to find someone to make it for me.  I think that we forget about the artisans in the world.  We got to Etsy and browse and then to Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Bed Bath & Beyond, the Dollar Store, and all of those places that have things that are cookie cutter, mass produced.  I'm guilty of it.  I have done it, too often.  I'm making an effort to go to those I know, or seek out artisans who have the know-how, and hire them.  It's made a hop-skip-and jump away, not having a trip through Customs.  I can work with the artisan to achieve exactly what I want and I have the thrill of having something that no one else has.  Sure it costs a bit more than I would pay for mass produced or even vintage, but sometimes that's okay.  Sometimes one needs to indulge.  I look forward to sharing what I am having made when it's complete, sometime next month, but I wanted to encourage you to seek out the local artisans in your area to help you if there's something you're in need of that you cannot make on your own.  It will be so satisfying for all parties.

Now I'm off to make sweet cherry jam because I am craving it and I know that it will taste this winter on the dark, cold days to come!  I'm also nostalgic about sweet cherry jam because it was my favorite breakfast condiment many years ago when I visited Europe - sweet cherry jam, croissants, and coffee.

Be well!  Thank you for stopping in to read.

Have a blessed week!

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