Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lots of happenings...

There's news from me and news about the co-op I'm a member of.

First the co-op...
Sunshine Farm Girl Co-op is changing over to the Markets of Sunshine!
We have a beautifully renovated website!  You can find my shop in the Market Place section!

Our current sampler bag is the Pet Lover's Bag.  You have the option of a 5 item bag or a 10 item bag.  In the message at check out, please let them know that Nicole C. Meyers, member #124, helped you to find the Sampler!

Speaking of the Pet Lover Sampler... this is my WoodstreamDream product from the bag - now available in my Etsy shop:

crochet and felted black wool mouse - packaged with catnip...
my 11-year-old, Bella, loves hers and posed so nicely for me!

Back to the co-op...
Our weekly contest has two prizes now!!!  You have to visit the blog to enter the contest for a 1-year subscription to MARY JANE'S FARM Magazine (I subscribe and eagerly await each issue!!!) and an embroidered hand towel by another member shop - Kallie's Cotton.

One last item related to the co-op...
In an effort to support our community, we are raising funds to help those in need - especially local people struck with sudden illness, cancer, and homeless children.  This is our fundraiser link - for every dollar you spend on a purchase - Celebrating Home gives a portion to our fundraising campaign.

On to some other news from me...

I'm now an artist member at Markeim Arts Center.  This affords me the opportunity to have my own page on their site.  Click here to visit the page.  I plan to apply for some of their upcoming exhibits including fiber arts and flowers - stay tuned for news about those!

The Oscars have passed and I have added a design your own item to WoodstreamDream - if you would like to have a flower similar to those that were gifted at the Oscars Celebrity Gifting Lounge on Sunday night - just click here and follow the directions.  I will create one just for you!

Photos will be up soon from the Oscars and I will share them with you as soon as I can!

And in WoodstreamPapery, I've had the opportunity to add sets of five and ten note cards as well as individual note cards from the Peonies Series to my shop.


Ok, so now I'm going to get back to work creating ... hoping to add more new items next week!
Thank you for stopping by and reading!

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