Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The something unexpected...

So a while back, before all of this craziness with the kidney stone getting in the way of life happening, I promised to reveal photos of the something unexpected that I was using for crochet.

So here's the story...

In mid-April I visited a shop in Philadelphia with my mother, I always find great things there - never anything I'm actually looking for, but beautiful and inspiring things nonetheless.  We stopped there on our way to the Van Gogh exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (that was incredibly inspiring, too!).

There I found fabric for my husband's train table skirt project (to hide all of the junk that has accumulated underneath).  I found beautiful Queen Anne's Lace upholstery fabric for less than a song and a dance that I'll have my husband's grandmother's chair reupholstered in once I can actually move it.  While that was being cut my mother called to me that there was clearance on spools of stuff.  And what glorious stuff it was!  I had such a difficult time figuring out what I should buy and what I should leave there - even though I could have purchased it all ... sometimes regret that I didn't ... but it wouldn't have all fit into the car!

I bought spools of cotton twill tape, polyester drawstring material (you know that you find in the waistband of sweat shorts), ribbons and trims that I'll use for card making and the such.

The drawstring material was quickly worked into five sun hats - two midnight blue, one espresso, two dark slate blue, the espresso and one slate blue are gone already.  I didn't even photograph them, but I know the owners and can always ask for a photo!

the three remaining sun hats
dark slate blue, midnight blue with French knot band, midnight blue with flower band

I have just begun to use the cotton twill tape.  One spool of charcoal twill tape has partially dried out and isn't good for crochet, but it's fantastic for using as ribbons for the handstamped favor/gift bags that I offer in WoodstreamPapery.

the aviary No.2 white kraft bag with charcoal twill tape ribbon

The dark olive twill tape I'm crocheting into a vest for myself.  I had a customer last December ask me about making a vest.  I thought about it and I've finally come up with a pattern that I like.  I'm making this for myself so that I know how much I would charge for one, but it's a huge time investment... not to mention material - gosh the cost if I hadn't gotten this on clearance!

the dark olive twill tape vest in progress

I have other colors of twill tape - a bit of red, some natural, a little bit of ice blue, and others I can't remember right now...  I have a huge rubbermaid container filled plus a big bag sitting on top of that filled with these supplies.  I have plans and patterns floating in my head.  I will be creating for some time - I'm excited, it's so interesting to work in a medium other than yarn.  

I also have gold cording that I may be using to make some holiday garb ... funky belts or maybe a really open stitched dress or vest to wear over tights and a stretchy top.  Something different.  Something unexpected.

All of this may not be reality this year, I have so many supplies I could literally work for a couple of years and still have surplus.  But it's something to look forward to.

I also have all of that cashmere and merino wool.  Only a few pieces have been felted.  I have a huge stash that still needs felting - then cutting and stitching.  It's a huge undertaking, but it's going to yield so many awesome items!

I plan to have both of my shops back up and running by the end of June, but that will depend on my recovery after next week's surgery.  I will keep you updated.

Thanks so much for stopping by to read and have a blessed week!

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