Monday, April 2, 2012

How about a game?

This Scavenger Hunt is hosted by the Sunshine Farmgirl Co-op Team on Etsy.  My shop is featured, I have an item to find and an item to win.

The rules are pretty simple...
1. Find the item that has the yellow Sunshine Farmgirl Co-op Shops picture (below) and words "SFGCTEAM Scavenger Hunt" in the description from each of the shops in the treasury.
2. Write down the shop name and item where you found the picture and words in the description.
3. Send an email to: with all the shops on the list with the information in #2.
4. Optional: Make a purchase and get 5 extra entries in the drawing! Get 10 extra entries when you buy from Reflections of Kayla (spotlight shop of the week)!
5. One winner will be drawn next Monday!!!
"RESERVED SFGCTeam" items are the items that will be won.

This is the photo you're looking for

Thanks for checking in and have a blessed week!

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