Friday, June 10, 2011

A few new projects

Today I created the birthday invitation for my son's birthday.  He's crazy about trains, as you can see!  I'll be designing a thank you note to coordinate.

I'm adding this birthday card to my etsy shop this evening:

Cute as a Button Birthday Card

I am finishing up on a sunhat for a toddler girl, adding a couple more flowers.  Photographing should be done by the end of the weekend and I'll be posting pics.  It's called Blue Skies Sun Hat and it's made from organice pale blue cotton with organic pale green cotton accent flowers - same green as in my Irish Eyes baby cloche.  I'm measuring the interior circumfrence for sizing, but I believe it will fit a 12-24 month toddler girl.

This week I started crocheting a unisex crib blanket using triple strands (one white, one pale yellow, and one baby green).  It's in super soft acrylic yarn and will be available online for purchase sometime this summer.

I have plans for an acrylic baby girl's crib blanket in double strands (one pink and one purple).  I'm in the planning stages for another toddler girl sun hat (in yellow cotton) and an adult woman cloche and either scarf or cowl I'm naming Dreaming of Sugar Plums (in superwash merino wool).

These pieces will be sold separately at my shop in the coming months.

Please email me at to request custom orders for cards, invitations, thank you notes, pins or crochet items.  Costs depend on quantity and how elaborate the design you request.

Thank you for reading!

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